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Established in 1989, Dakatec has been providing the Intellectual Property community with high quality Patent Drawings and Trademark drawings with an expedited personalized service. The patent artwork we prepare can be filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the European Patent Organization (EPO) and numerous other Patent and Trademark Offices around the world.



Utility Patent Drawings

Utility Patents provide protection to inventions that are novel in function, practicality and operability. These types of patents are covering the actual process something does or uses to achieve some sort of service or operation. Examples of patentable physical objects (but not limited to) would include mechanical devices or functions, fasteners, tools and product assembly systems. Non-physical examples would be software, web interfaces, data transmission and mathematical formulas.

High quality Patent Drawings are very important to consider when filing your Patent application. We can provide highly accurate drawings that will illustrate your invention correctly.

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Design patent Drawings

Design Patents cover the ornamental characteristics of the invention and protects only the appearance of an object. The protection includes the shape and surface features that would make the invention unique. Examples of physical objects covered by a Design Patent (but not limited to) would include jewelry, furniture, beverage containers, footwear, tire treads and custom vehicle wheels. Nonphysical inventions examples would be unique typographical fonts and computer icons.

There is nothing more important than having high quality accurate Design Drawings when filing a Design Patent application as your claims are based on the drawings you submit.

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Trademark Application Drawings

Trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used or intended to be used by a person, business organization or other legal entity in commerce to identify and distinguish the services or goods of one provider from those provided by others, and to indicate the source of the goods or services. A Trademark can be any name, word, phrase, logo, icon, symbol, design, image, or any combination of these elements. A registered Trademark provides exclusive rights to prevent unauthorized use of the Trademark.

An accurate Trademark Drawing is essential when filing for protection for your mark.

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